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The Anthropocene Reviewed (Penguin LCC US)

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Praise for The Anthropocene Reviewed & #8220 The Anthropocene Reviewed  is the perfect book to read over lunch or to keep on your nightstand, whenever you need a reminder of what it is to feel small and human, in the best possible way.& #8221 & #8211 San Francisco Chronicle & #8220 There is something of the sermon in [Green& #8217 s] essays as he mixes curiosity and erudition with confession, compassion, and wit, searching for illuminating life lessons amid life& #8217 s dark chaos. His particular mix of irony and sincerity enables him to embrace  both the sublime and the ridiculous.& #8221 & #8211 Booklist & #8220 Lyrical and beautiful, funny and hopeful, intricate and entertaining all at once.... Green may have made his name by writing fiction (and for good reason), but this first foray into nonfiction is his most mature, compelling, and beautifully written book yet.& #8221 & #8211 Shondaland.com   & #8220 What Green is really telling us with these unexpected stories about Sycamore Trees, Canada Geese, and Dr Pepper is  how much there is to love in the world and why that love is worth the effort.& #8221 & #8211 NPR.com & #9733   & #8220 Each short review is rich with meaning and filled with surprises and together, they amount to a resonant paean to hard-won hope.& #8221 & #8211 Publishers Weekly, starred review & #9733   & #8220 Each of the entries in The Anthropocene Reviewed: Essays on a Human-Centered Planet, is a small gem, polished to near perfection& #8230 . What unites them is [Green& #8217 s] uncanny ability to structure each piece as both a critique of human foibles and an embracing of them.& #8221 & #8211 Shelf Awareness, starred review & #8220 In his novels, John Green conjures richly imagined, heartfelt drama that lovingly explores the human condition. With The Anthropocene Reviewed, John pulls off the same magic trick while writing about the largest ball of paint...and it is glorious. Every page is full of insight. I loved it.& #8221 & #8211 Roman Mars, creator and host of 99% Invisible & #8220 The Anthropocene Reviewed somehow satisfies all the contradictory demands I have for a book right now: it stimulates my brain while getting me out of my head while taking me to faraway places while grounding me in the wonders of my everyday. I& #8217 m so glad it& #8217 s here. I need it.& #8221 & #8211 Anna Sale, host of Death, Sex & Money and author of Let& #8217 s Talk About Hard Things & #8220 If loving something out loud takes courage, and I think it does, John Green is  Evel  Knievel and  The Anthropocene Reviewed  is a series of ever-more-impressive motorcycle jumps.& #8221 & #8211 Latif  Nasser, co-host of  Radiolab

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