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Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead (Penguin LCC US)

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Artikelnummer: 9780593086407

Named a best book of 2019 by TIME, NPR, Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and BookRiot. PEN America Translation Prize longlist Warwick Prize for Women in Translation shortlist & #8220 A marvelously weird and fablelike mystery. . . . Authors with Tokarczuk& #8217 s vending machine of phrasing . . . and gimlet eye for human behavior. . . are rarely also masters of pacing and suspense. But even as Tokarczuk sticks landing after landing . . . her asides are never desultory or a liability. They are more like little cuts & #8212 quick, exacting and purposefully belated in their bleeding. . . . This book is not a mere whodunit: It& #8217 s a philosophical fairy tale about life and death that& #8217 s been trying to spill its secrets. Secrets that, if you& #8217 ve kept your ear to the ground, you knew in your bones all along.& #8221 & #8212   New York Times Book Review & #8220 While it adopts the straightforward structure of a murder mystery, [the book features] macabre humor and morbid philosophical interludes [that] are distinctive to its author. . . [and an] excellent payoff at the finale. . . . As for Ms. Tokarczuk, there& #8217 s no doubt: She& #8217 s a gifted, original writer, and the appearance of her novels in English is a welcome development.& #8221 & #8212 The Wall Street Journal & #8220 Drive Your Plow  is exhilarating in a way that feels fierce and private, almost inarticulable it& #8217 s  one of the most existentially refreshing novels I& #8217 ve read in a long time.& #8221 & #8212   The New Yorker & #8220 A paean to nature. . . a sort of ode to Blake. . . [and] a lament. . . Does Tokarczuk transcend Blake? Arguable & #8212 perhaps.& #8221 & #8212 NPR   & #8220 A  brilliant literary murder mystery.& #8221     & #8211 Chicago Tribune & #8220 A winding, imaginative, genre-defying story. Part murder mystery, part fairy tale,  Drive Your Plow  is a thrilling philosophical examination of the ways in which some living creatures are privileged above others.& #8221   & #8211 TIME & #8220 Shimmering with subversive brilliance . . . . this is not your conventional crime story& #8212 for Tokarczuk is not your conventional writer. Through her extraordinary talent and intellect, and her & #8216 thinking novels,& #8217 she ponders and tackles larger ecological and political issues. The stakes are always high Tokarczuk repeatedly rises to the occasion and raises a call to arms.& #8221 & #8212 HuffPost  & #8220 Sometimes the opening sentence of a first-person narrative can so vividly capture the personality of its speaker that you immediately want to spend all the time you can in their company. That& #8217 s the case with . . .  Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead    . . .  [a] barbed and subversive tale about what it takes to challenge the complacency of the powers that be.& #8221 & #8212 Boston Globe  & #8220 Bewitching. . .. Serious crosscurrents & #8230 explore everything from animal rights to predetermination to the way society stigmatizes and marginalizes those it considers mad, strange or simply different . . . Tokarczuk is capable of miracles and ensures that this extraordinary novel soars.& #8221 & #8212 Minneapolis Star Tribune  'Sardonic humour and gothic plot-twists add a layer of macabre rustic comedy.'  & #8211 The Economist    'One of the funniest books of the year.& #8221 & #8211   The Guardian   & #8220 Written with humor, charm, and a great talent for mystery & #8230 a sharp, memorable alternative to those dime-a-dozen beach bag potboilers without losing any of the whodunnit appeal.& #8221 & #8212 Town & Country 

Person Olga Tokarczuk
Originaltitel Prowadz swoj plug przez kosci umarlych
Genre Fremdsprachig
Einband Taschenbuch
ISBN 978-0-593-08640-7
Abmessungen (B/H/T) 203x131x25mm
Gewicht 245 g